the min. compass + shared studio space

Founded in 2016, the Min. Studio story began as a ambitious idea between friends, flirted with over a few good bottles of red and a lavish assortment of cheese. The goal was to challenge the norm and produce something more than a hair studio - something incredibly valuable in feeling and usefulness. Teneile Robinson is our Min. Studio Founding Director - her industry experience spans the education, editorial and salon settings, making her skills and knowledge highly sought after throughout Melbourne, nationally and around the globe. 

The Min. Compass orientates between fiercely good hair, centred movement and growing a strong and connected mind. Shared use of the space between hair services, unique movement classes and mindfully educational workshops and retreats means we’ve created somewhere to expand your self-recovery time, ultimately guiding your journey to find the things you need, want and enjoy.

The studio space is chameleon in nature and thoughtful in design. It connects these three orientations of hair, movement and mind to create an increasingly holistic approach that is more valuable than the sum of its parts. A space to unwind, reconnect and grow inhabited by a team committed to seeing it work for their clients and the Yarraville community.